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Sutter Roseville Medical Center

Fusion Technique Reduces Risk     07-22-2006

Orthopedic spine surgeon Ardavan Aslie, M.D., is performing an advanced new spine fusion technique on patients with extreme degenerative disk disease.

Patients with advanced degenerative disk disease who opt for surgery receive a bone graft on the back of their spine with metal screws or rods to stabilize the bones as they heal. As this bone graft heals, the vertebral bodies above and below the disk are fused together.
This surgery is usually accomplished through an incision in the stomach, in which the surgeon cuts through ligaments, bone and muscle. However, a new technique, called Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion (XLIF) is accomplished through an incision less than an inch long made on the patient's side. Performing the surgery through the patient's side, instead of through the stomach, preserves the patient's ligaments and the bone and muscle normally stripped away with standard approaches. This technique also leaves the spine in a more stable condition which aids in patient recovery and functioning.

Dr. Aslie underwent specialized training for the Extreme Lateral Interbody Fusion technique that allows him to achieve a new level of precision when performing fusion surgery. "This is a tremendous asset to the patient because the procedure leaves the organs in place," said Dr. Aslie. "By avoiding the blood vessels or nerves there is less blood loss, less nerve damage and less tissue trauma; all of which allows a better and faster recovery for the patient."In addition, the new procedure provides better fusion when placing the bone graft into the back of the spine.


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